Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Family

Just felt like posting a picture of the wonderful family that God gave me, so here they are!
Steve and Bethanie Hansen, Georgianna and Eric Henderson
Stephen, Kathleen, Michael,
Susanna Kristin, and Abigail Henderson


Deer are so beautiful! The dogs at the house I am taking care of woke me up early this morning and when I went outside with them there were deer out there! I saw two young bucks with their horns all soft and velvety, three does and one fawn with little spots all over it! They were a little bit scared of me and didn't want me to get too close. One of the bucks was a little bolder than the rest and he kept on eating when I came up to the fence. He was fatter than the rest, he probably bullies the others and is less scared of people. He seemed like such an arrogant deer that he reminded me of a story I read when I was little. In the story there was a buck who was ashamed of his long skinny legs but loved his beautiful horns. eventually a hunter saw him and thought the same about his horns and started tracking him. As he was running away the buck's horns got caught in a tree and he could not get away. So at the end of his life he was cursing the horns that had brought about his ruin and blessing the legs that would have ensured his safety had his horns not gotten caught.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Working Horses

I Love my job! I am not the best at what I do but I am getting better all the time! (by the grace of God!) I worked three horses today. Two of them were old horses that are already well trained, and one was a middle aged horse that no one ever took the time to teach anything to. First I worked Precious in the round pen. We worked on stopping and turning. I put a bridle on her and we worked on flexing to the left and right and backing up correctly (breaking at the poll and lowering the head). That went well although she needs more work on it. I worked with Sarge in the round pen also. I focused on turning to the right with him because he already knows everything but he is stubborn about turning right. Leo is the oldest and I just jumped on him bareback and rode around campus. We trotted a lot and even loped some. He seemed to feel great and enjoy his workout. Now off to another job.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Experience With Softball

We had a softball game today. I am on a team that Mindy put together. Our guy players are Bryan, Uncle Randy, Bryan, Connor, Jason, and Chip. Our girl players are Alisha, Mindy, Me, Kim, and Heather. Alisha's baby Grace screamed through almost the entire game and she had to stay in because we didn't have any extra players to sub her out! I love playing softball!! It is fun even when we lose, which we did tonight with a final score of 5 to 21 (I think). I didn't make any runs but I hit the ball BOTH times I was up to bat, and it is harder than it looks. I am learning a lot about the game and rules but I still need to practice. I do OK catching and throwing when someone is just tossing it to me; but when it comes into right field falling from way way up in the sky after some big strong left handed batter has hit it I can never tell where it is going to land so I am never there to catch it. But it is still fun to play and fun to practice. I am thoroughly enjoying my first experience with softball!

Great Aransas Sail Camp

Check out this cool trailer my older brother made for a sailing camp my Dad is going to do. It has my Dad and my dog in it. Steve Russel (a neighbor) is reading for it, I love his voice!

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

"I Love You Lord"

I love you Lord, and I lift my voice to worship you, Oh my soul, Rejoice! Take joy my King, in what you hear, let it be a sweet, sweet sound in your ear!

This is a song I used to sing in my first grade Sunday school class at First Baptist Church in Rockport, Tx. It was my favorite song out of the children's songbook. It had so much more depth and meaning to it than the other songs in the book; which were, for the most part, jingles about various Bible stories. This pretty little praise song satisfies the answer to the first question in the Westminster Shorter Catechism, that is, "to glorify God and enjoy Him forever". Before I ever heard about any kind of catechism however, I loved this song because it glorified God. First it praised Him through the music that was, to my first grade ears, the most beautiful melody I had ever heard; secondly, through the words themselves, which simply explain the singers love for God and earnest desire to worship Him. Enjoying him is the happiness that filled my heart when I sang this song with a right attitude towards the Lord. Now, fifteen years later, I still sing it aloud to the animals at work and it never fails to lift my spirits.

Below is a link to the Westminster Shorter Catechism in case anyone wants to read the rest of the questions.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Day With Mindy

Yesterday I went riding with Mindy, Ellie, and Halie for the first time in probably about a month. Those of you who know how much I love horses and how adorable Halie and Ellie are can imagine how close to torture it is NOT to ride with them once I had gotten in the habit of it. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon that I called Mindy after spending close to three hours doing homework and she wanted me to go riding. Of course I said yes! I would have said yes even if I had not done my homework; but since I had, I was able to go riding and feel good about the homework! Anyway, we went down to Uncle Larry's land, through cypress creek, over a field, through the creek again, and over another field. Then we went over the creek and through a field; through the creek one last time and down a trail that winds through cypress, oak, and cedar trees onto the lease land. And all the while I have Ellie on in front of me happily crying "watch out tree!", "hi moon!", "Sanna do it!" or my favorite because it sounds soooo cute: "no Sanna!" On the lease land Mindy showed me the prettiest place in the creek bed(which I am not attempting to describe)!. Then we went all the way back over all the fields, through the creek one, two, three, four times and back home. Then I fed the horses with Ellie, who loves to help by carrying a bucket half her size and following me around. After that we went to Mindy's house where we all took a warm bath, ate pizza, and drank hot tea while we reminisced about riding excursions of days gone by.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Answered Prayer

This afternoon, after I had written down the "my thoughts on psalm 45" in my notebook I got in my truck to go to work. My truck has had something wrong with it for the last month, and I never had time to go anywhere to see what was wrong. The right front wheel seemed to make the whole truck shake and bump like it would if I were driving 45 mph on the ranch road, except it would do that when I was going 30 mph on the pavement. Well it had been getting steadily worse and today it was really bad. I had just read Psalm 45 and realized anew that God was taking care of me so I cried out to him about it. I told Him I couldn't fix it and I needed His help and asked Him fix it for me. Well I called Daddy and asked him what to do and he advised me to take off work in the morning so I could go and get it checked out. So I obeyed my father and told my boss I needed off in morning. I was also planning on skipping my eight o'clock class. I was upset about it when I got to work but I resisted Satan and chose to trust God and got on with teaching. After work I was talking with my coworker about my truck and I knelt down by the left front tire and saw a bunch of metal sticking out of it on the inside. I realized that I would never get home without a blow out so my very nice coworker changed my tire for me. When I started driving home it didn't bump or shake anymore! God answered my prayer and fixed it! I didn't have to spend any money, take off work, or skip class! God fixed my truck within 3 hours of me asking and choosing to rest in Him.

My Thoughts on Psalm 45

I was reading Psalm 45 earlier today as a break from homework. Verses 1-9 talk about a handsome prince who is a great warrior and a defender of truth and righteousness. Verses 10-15 talk about a beautiful daughter who is a princess. Jesus is the prince and I(and all Gods children) am the daughter. I am Gods princess and HE will take care of me! I don't have to find a man to do it, or try to do it myself! I can trust my Prince and King for everything! Right now I am a princess in a foreign land, far, far away from the court of my Prince. God has taken me, a slave to sin, and set me free. All I can do is listen, obey, and adore as my Prince teaches me to trust Him, be joyful, and rest; instead of being the confused, fearful, and restless slave girl that I was.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


I am sitting in my room drinking hot chocolate and I am just feeling overwhelmed about how blessed I am. I have such a wonderful family! There is Momma, Daddy, Kristin, Bethanie, Steve, Stephen, Kathleen, Micheal and Abby. And on top of that I have Aunt Carol Sue, Mindy, Todd, Ellie, and Halie! I have a pretty horse and a good dog! I am going to church tomorrow and then to Bible study! There is a fire in the fire place. There are deer, horses, dogs, oak trees, foxes and bunny rabbits outside. Best of all I know that God has a plan for me and no matter what happens He will give me the grace to deal with it and it will turn out all right...even if it doesn't turn out how Id like it to. I am so happy!